Rev. Bonnie Barnard, PhD
She had her first direct experience of God at age five when she was
praying over and singing to her vegetable garden. “A blanket of Divine Love wrapped me so fully that I vowed I would become a teacher of Spirit,” Barnard says. She has kept her commitment to that promise. Today she serves as a Spiritual Advisor supporting individuals in finding spiritual solutions to human problems and companioning individuals in maturing spiritually. This is done through individual sessions, on line classes, and retreats. She is the author of five books, contributor to two, and hosts a blog on her website.
Wellness Questions to Contemplate
Yogananda wrote volumes of books on tending to your body as a holy, spiritual practice. 
Jesus healed bodies as an active part of his ministry. The Torah teaches about food and bodily practices for good, moral, healthy living. The Buddha taught the body is impermanent with the body comprised of an interdependent mental, emotional, and physical being. The spiritual community talks about “embodied spirituality.” Caroline Myss refers to our being as “bio-spiritual ecology” and our spirituality as organic. 
 - What is the relationship between YOU and your body?
 - How would you define wellness? How would you define Health?
 - Are you happy beyond your circumstances? Do you know how to be?
 - Are your thoughts about yourself kind, supportive, Holy?
 - Are you engaged in spiritual technologies that cultivate vitality?

Watch for the Six Week on-line program: 
The Consciousness Cleanse
Beginning October. Program information available soon at Holistic Wellness Living. 
Individual phone sessions appointments available now.
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