Dr. Michael Wheat has been a lifelong learner and explorer of health, healing and overall core being. His exploration steered him into studying the body as an aspect of being, landing him in four medically related professions nursing, chiropractic, acupuncture and homeopathy. Each of his medical studies where foundational and added another deeper layer to his understanding, wisdom and further inquiry. As he uncovered unresolved physical answers, each area he studied left him with more questions. Consequently,
he began seeking new and exciting energetic and spiritual answers with innovative solutions. Dr. Michael has studied New Thought Spirituality for over 20 years and has drawn on universal principles to manifest his own reality. This has brought him a heightened level of awareness for the energetic nature of the body-mind and further exploration of the link between physicality and spirituality. Emergent spirituality is his current path and the way of the mystic, allowing Life to unfold through him. He has working knowledge of health and healing on many different levels and creates an environment where all are welcome and are encouraged to participate in their own path to Wellness.
Dr. Michael is an author, lecturer, seminar facilitator and Wellness collaborator. He is also instrumental in creating a new rice program feeding and educating poor children in the Philippines. Combining his medical knowledge and spiritual wisdom with the appreciation of Wellness, Dr. Michael nurtures others toward their unique expression. This is reached through balance, creativity and healthy lifestyles. He is currently birthing businesses that are in support of the body temple and deep spiritual connection. Pure Life Greens and Ripple Hydro Eatery, two Phoenix-based companies, are his latest ventures supporting healthy lifestyles with living foods and detox programs. He recently co-founded and launched ImpulsUS Community, a new spiritual community located in Scottsdale, AZ.

Bonnie Barnard, PhD

Bonnie Barnard, PhD had her first direct experience of God at age five when she was
praying over and singing to her vegetable garden. “A blanket of Divine Love wrapped me so fully that I vowed I would become a teacher of Spirit,” Barnard says. She has kept her commitment to that promise. Today she serves as a Spiritual Advisor supporting individuals in finding spiritual solutions to human problems and companioning individuals in maturing spiritually. 
This is done through individual sessions, on line classes, and retreats. She is the author of five books, contributor to two, and hosts a blog on her website www.bonniebarnard.com.

Wellness Questions to Contemplate
Yogananda wrote volumes of books on tending to your body as a holy, spiritual practice. Jesus healed bodies as an active part of his ministry. The Torah teaches about food and bodily practices for good, moral, healthy living. The Buddha taught the body is impermanent with the body comprised of an interdependent mental, emotional and physical being. The spiritual community talks about “embodied spirituality.” 

Michael Mammina 

Certified Life Coach, Certified Health Coach 
Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant
Reinvention Professional
CRO (Chief Reinvention Officer) at Reinvent Your Life!
Michael is a Life Coach with multiple certifications and global professional experience, whose passion is to create the space for successful people to rediscover their life’s vision and “reinvent” themselves by creating a path to their dreams. To overcome what has been holding them back and step even further into their power. To gather the pieces of their lives together and answer the question... What’s Next?
In addition to his years of coaching experience, he is a Certified Health Coach assisting clients in establishing healthy habits that lead to a rejuvenated spirit and weight loss. This proven scientific approach to health is one that he himself practices and, in turn, is pleased to share with others.
He is also a Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant, co-creating ceremonies with people as they move through stages of their lives. From Baby Naming’s, Weddings, Vow Renewals, House Blessings, and Retirement Celebrations, he writes custom ceremonies and performs them to help celebrate all life has to offer. His mission is to help people live life to the fullest, confident, healthy, excited, and with the happiness and joy they deserve. His mantra is…Don’t just live out the rest of your life; live the life of your dreams!


Kristi has worked as a massage therapist and Reiki practitioner for over 17 years. She considers herself an intuitive fusion therapist, as she blends Eastern and Western modalities and techniques. A session may include warm stones, aromatherapy, cupping, or Thai stretching. Initially trained in the Netherlands for massage she admired the Holistic approach to wellness the Dutch adopted. They focused on prevention and being aware of the person's culture and beliefs as well mind, body, and spirit. Once she graduated from massage school, she began to integrate different styles to create her signature massage.
Offer different Massage Techniques such as Reiki sessions: Japanese energy healing which reduces stress and promotes healing through palm/hands on healing. Kristi may also use crystals and balance chakras during the session. Lomi-Lomi Massage: Traditional Hawaiian massage using elements of massage, oils, and sometimes breathing or praying to restore energy and soothe the body.

Thai Massage: works the entire body with movements similar to yogic stretching. Client is fully dressed wearing loose, comfortable clothes and client's needs and preferences. Also offer classes such as *Chakra balancing Energy healing focusing on channeling energy into the seven chakras. *Affirmations The practice of positive thinking and self-empowerment *Closure letters Express your feelings, write from the heart, and move on. A means to "close the book" on situations and any pain associated with it. "As soon as healing takes place, go out and heal someone else." Maya Angelou "The wound is the place where the Light enters you." RUMI


I have been a Zumba instructor since 2014, and when I’m not dancing, you might find me riding motorcycles, hiking, or working in my garden! I love ZUMBA because it is good for your mind and body, makes you feel great, and is a release from the crazy world. Don’t worry about getting all the steps right, just feel the music and keep moving because every bit of activity is good for you. It’s NOT a serious thing, it’s your time to have fun and be silly.
Since March 2020, I have streamed my classes via Zoom, and I look forward to dancing with you in person as soon as possible!
CALL / text:  360.447.8104
2108 w sims WAY pORT tOWNSEND
waSHINGTON  98368
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