Rene’s mission is to help her clients manifest their unique life of joy. As an ordained minister, she serves the spirit of humankind by supporting the innocence and goodness that lives in the heart of each and every human upon our beautiful planet. Love is her religion and compassion her action.
My goal has always been freedom and joy for my clients. Through my personal journey I have engaged with a wide variety of alternative healing modalities and have gained a pragmatic and workable understanding of how the body, mind and spirit interface. The process has become surprisingly simple and beautiful with continually uplifting results. I use a variety of techniques, among which are The Body Code(TM), Dream Work, and a new process QRS, “Quantum Rewire with your own Superconscious” following the work of Dr. Garry Flint, Phd. The QRS process delivers a scientifically validated technique that can literally dissolve limiting beliefs, neutralize fears, stress and anxiety which leads to negative, destructive and self sabotaging behaviors all without needing to revisit painful traumatic memories. Often we get trapped for years trying to fix ourselves as if we’re broken. Our mind keeps creating things to fix, rather than putting its attention on creating a joyful, expansive and abundant life. I am committed to empowering my clients with solid and reliable techniques they can use on their own to navigate their every moment with an empowered love for themselves and their process.
How to Prepare and What to Expect in a Session
With the QRS Process you need to watch a short video before the session and it needn’t be memorized, retained or understood. I will send you a link. It is simply to to inform your brain how to gently treat any memories underlying unwanted behaviors, memories, anxiety, etc.
These processes are different than talk therapy and we needn’t talk about the stories. I like to use the time for releasing the emotions rather than reinforcing them. They work quickly, and effortlessly.
I typically work over Skype and it is simple and easy to download. Face time doesn’t allow me to see the person; as body movements and facial expressions can be great indicators to something that is calling for attention.
A session is typically 45 minutes to an hour. The first sometimes longer. Please come well hydrated and have water handy during the session. It’s helpful to remember any recent dreams because they may indicate a very unconscious pattern that can easily be treated.
I use muscle testing (kinesiology) and intuition in both The Body Code and QRS to remove past painful memories and emotions. The Body Code can also be used to test viability and dosage of vitamin and herbal supplements and test for food allergies and/or beneficial foods.
It’s helpful to remember any recent dreams because they may indicate an unconscious pattern that can be easily be treated.
How to Prepare and What to Expect in a Session
The rewiring of the brain can be felt by many over the course of 3 days and it may feel a bit drifty and different. And then a new peace settles in and a new awareness solidifies often with new insights and more focus.
You might have a positive dream indicating what has shifted and sometimes any remaining patterns to remove and rewire. It helps to go to sleep listening to something positive and I have links to several meditations I can provide. It’s also best to listen again upon waking as it reinforces the rewiring of the brain to a more positive outlook.
For more information / RSVP please contact: 360.447.8104
I had the pleasure of receiving a session from Rene to deal with my lifelong allergies. She was able to immediately go to the core cause of them and release and adjust using the Body Code. When my allergy season came on I had almost no symptoms ~ as opposed to being completely miserable and barely able to function previously ! Rene?s crystal clarity and intuitive gifts are truly remarkable. I would recommend her to anyone seeking to get at the root of what is causing problems; both physical and emotional
Holly Gossett, Port Hadlock WA
Rene's intuition and creative persona combined with the body code healing guided me and my son to experience birth as best as it could possibly be. As a first time, advanced maternity age mom, the fear factor was high with the pressure from my doctor not going to let me go past our due date. I received Rene's session the day before my due date and then went into labor that night and gave birth the next day. The session decoded our fears of the unknown and let the body do it's thing. I am so grateful.
Juri (Mom) and Niko (Baby)
Rene simply has the Gift of Healing- it's in her Soul. In the time I've known her (almost 20 years), Rene had worked with me multiple times. She currently is using the Body Code Healing System. It is the most potent experience I've had. After a sudden onset of hip/back pain, my mobility was near zero for 3 days. Rene spent 10 minutes with me and I was able to easily stand again, even bend over. 80% of my pain disappeared and I recovered much of my mobility in one session. Humbled and Grateful
Gabriel - Carpenter
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